Hansen, Ian

Hansen, Ian

Curriculum Vitae

Assistant Professor
Behavioral Sciences

Phone: 718-262-2680
Office Location: AC-4D06


Degree Institution Field Dates
PhD  University of British Columbia  Social Psychology  2007 
MA  University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign  Social Psychology  2002 
BA  Swarthmore College  Philosophy  1996 
I am an Assistant Professor in Psychology, with experience in social psychology, cultural psychology, political psychology and psychology of religion. My current projects focus on (1) understanding religiosity as a correlate of psychological conservatism that is potentially quite different from political conservatism (2) more generally assessing whether 2- or N-dimensional models of ideology strike a better balance between simplicity and explanatory power than the traditional one-dimensional (liberal vs. conservative) model (3) experimental approaches to transforming ideological self-construal, and (4) investigating whether there are moral objections to certain practices (like torture) that cannot be reduced to the known differences in moral priorities between liberals and conservatives.

Areas of Expertise

Social Psychology
Cultural Psychology
Psychology of Religion
Political Psychology

Articles in Field Of Expertise

Hansen, I. G. & Callaghan, B.. "Cuing Moral Transcendence Reduces Support for Torture And Disentangles It From Retributive and Utilitarian Concerns." Dynamics of Asymmetric Conflict. In press 2016: .

Hansen, I. G. & Ryder, A.. "In search of ‘religion proper’: Intrinsic religiosity and coalitional rigidity make opposing predictions of intergroup hostility across religious groups." Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology. 47 2016: 835-857.

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Ginges, J., Hansen, I. G. & Norenzayan, A.. "Religion and Support for Suicide Attacks." Psychological Science. 20 2009: 222-230.

Norenzayan, A., Dar Nimrod, I., Hansen, I. G., & Proulx, T.. "Mortality salience and religion: Divergent effects on the defense of cultural values for the religious and the non-religious." European Journal of Social Psychology. 39 2009: 101-113.

Norenzayan, A., Hansen, I. G. & Cady, J.. "An angry volcano? Reminders of death and anthropomorphizing nature." Social Cognition. 26 2008: 190-197.

Norenzayan, A. & Hansen, I. G.. "Belief in supernatural agents in the face of death." Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. 32 2006: 174-187.

Hong, Y., Liao, H., Chan, G., Wong, R., Chiu, C., Ip, G.W., Fu, H. & Hansen, I. G.. "Temporal causal links between outgroup attitudes and social categorization: The case of Hong Kong 1997 transition." Group Processes and Intergroup Relations. 9 2006: 265-288.

Hong, Y., Coleman, J., Chan, G., Wong, R. Y. M., Chiu, C., Hansen, I. G., Lee, S., Tong, Y., & Fu, H.. "Predicting intergroup bias: The interactive effects of implicit theory and social identity." Personality & Social Psychology Bulletin. 30 2004: 1035-1047.

Hong, Y., Chan, G., Chiu, C., Wong, R. Y. M., Hansen, I. G., Lee, S., Tong, Y. & Fu, H.. "How are social identities linked to self-conception and intergroup orientation? The moderating effect of implicit theories." Journal of Personality & Social Psychology. 85 2003: 1147-1160.

Chapters in Field Of Expertise

Mustakova-Possardt, E., Basseches, M., Oxenberg, J., & Hansen, I. G.. "Transforming a limited social function into a viable global action agenda." Toward a socially responsible psychology for a global era. 2013: 21-46.

Hansen, I. G. & Norenzayan, A.. "Between yang and yin and heaven and hell: Untangling the complex relationship between religion and intolerance." Where God and Science Meet: How Brain and Evolutionary Studies Alter Our Understanding of Religion. 3 2006: 187-211.

Suedfeld, P. & Hansen, I. G.. "The many faces of international political psychology." Political Psychology. 2006: 63-87.

Presented Papers, Lectures, and Exhibitions and Performances

" Minimizing denial after the Hoffman Report: Can we look deeply into the dark side of the psychology profession? " May, 2016: Talk presented at the 39th Annual Conference of the International Psychohistorical Association, New York, NY.

" Narcissism, psychopathy, and bigoted oppression: Making psychological-ideological sense of the Trump phenomenon. " April, 2016: Symposium presented at 44th Annual Hunter College Psychology Convention, New York, NY.

" Religious impulses and ideological outcomes: How religious processes can lean left (in spite of also leaning right) " April, 2016: Symposium presented at 44th Annual Hunter College Psychology Convention, New York, NY.

" Religion and liberty: Cross-national and experimental investigations. " March, 2016: Talk presented at Division 36 Midyear Conference on Psychology, Religion and Spirituality.

" Students, Social Justice, & PsySR: Are Psychology Degrees& Benefiting the World Compatible? (with Mary Pelton-Cooper) " August, 2015: Invited presentation at Psychologists for Social Responsibility Teach-In, Toronto, ON.

" Militarism and Psychology (with Serdar Degirmencioglu and Alice LoCicero) " August, 2015: Invited presentation at Psychologists for Social Responsibility Teach-In, Toronto, ON.

" How psychopathy and moral beauty engagement bisect the liberal-left vs. conservative-right divide. (with Abraham Dickey III and Gabriela Cedillo) " April, 2015: Symposium presented at the 43rd Annual Hunter College Psychology Convention, New York, NY..

" Torture as a moral issue and a source of corruption in the health professions. " March, 2015: Invited talk at Department of Surgery Grand Rounds, Albany Medical College, Albany, NY.

" Religion and politics through the lens of social and political psychology " April, 2014: Attendees of York College Provost Lecture Series.

" When divorcing conservatism from care, people become less conservative. " June, 2014: Symposium on “Does a liberal vs. conservative framework shortchange explanatory power? Towards a dynamic two-dimensional approach to ideology”.

" The instability of ideology: How different framings of moral divides affect ideological construal " January, 2013: Symposium on “Beyond liberalism vs. conservatism: The contextual and dynamic nature of ideological construal”, Annual Conference of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, New Orleans, LA.

" The ironic effect of considering oneself part of the 99%: Reduced support for activism and equality in a liberal student sample " July, 2012: Symposium on “The dynamics and challenges of activism in the Occupy movement” at the Psychologists for Social Responsibility Conference, Washington, DC.

" The malleability of ideological construal and implications for support for torture " July, 2012: Symposium on “Left and right or right and wrong? A political psychological approach to understanding attitudes toward torture” at the Psychologists for Social Responsibility Conference, Washington, DC.

" Does the culture war divide make us more comfortable with supporting torture? " April, 2012: Annual Hunter College Psychology Convention, New York, NY.

" What we talk about when we talk about conservatism " January, 2012: Symposium on “A Christian Nation facing the 21st century: How religion shapes modern America, and its role in a changing society”, Annual Conference of the Society of Personality and Social Psychology, San Diego, CA.

" The Efficience of Corporate Corruption " July, 2011: Roundtable on "The Psychology of Corporate Corruption," Psychologists For Social Responsibility Conference, Brookline, MA.

" How the Culture War Sustains Real Wars " July, 2011: Roundtable on "The Psychological and Structural Aspects of War," Psychologists for Social Responsibility Conference, Brookline, MA.

" Does National Religiosity Sit Well or Badly With National Peace and Freedom? " January, 2011: Psychology of Religion Pre-Conference of the Annual Meeting of the Society of Personality and Social Psychology, San Antonio, TX.

" The Ironic Trinity: Liberalism-Conservatism, Tolerance-Intolerance, and Religion-Nonreligion " October, 2009: Society for the Scientific Study of Religion, Denver, CO.

" Religion as a paradoxical predictor of religious intolerance " May, 2007: Symposium on "The Social Benefits and Hazards of Religion," Annual Convention of the Western Psychological Society, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Professional Honors, Prizes, Fellowships

President's Award for mentoring research students: 2016.

Provost's Award for mentoring research students, York College, CUNY: 2015.

Provost's Award for mentoring research students, York College, CUNY: 2014.

Selected to present a talk, "Religion and Politics Through the Lens of Social and Political Psychology", at the Provost Lecture Series, York College, CUNY: 2014.

Provost's Award for mentoring research students, York College, CUNY: 2013.

Admission to CUNY Faculty Fellowship Publication Program: 2012-2013.

Izaak Walton Killam pre-doctoral fellowship, Department of Psychology, University of British Columbia: 2004-2005.

University graduate fellowship, Department of Psychology, University of British Columbia: 2003.

Graduate entrance scholarship, Department of Psychology, University of British Columbia: 2002.

Phi Beta Kappa: 1996.

National Merit Scholar: 1992.


PSC-CUNY 46 Research Award, Ego depletion, religion and politics. 2015: $5990.

PSC-CUNY 45 Research Award, Beyond liberal and conservative: Transcending the one-dimensionality of ideological discourse in psychology. 2014: $5748.

PSC-CUNY 43 Research Award, Conservatism without atrocity? Testing the stability of the relationship between ideology and policy preference. 2012: $5466.

William Stewart Travel Award for National and International Conferences, Symposium Presentation at Annual Conference of Society for Personality and Social Psychology. 2012: $500.

Offices Held In Professional Societies

President-Elect, Psychologists for Social Responsibility: July 2016 to present.

Steering Committee, Psychologists for Social Responsibility: Spring 2012 to present.

Other Professional Activities and Public Service

Organized a town hall on the Hoffman Report for Psychologists for Social Responsibility in advance of the American Psychological Association Convention, Toronto, ON: August, 2014.

Organized monthly “PsySR First Sundays” on first Sundays of the month at New School University for discussion of research findings and other contemporary issues in Psychology.: Spring, 2014.

Co-coordinated the organization of a regional conference for PsySR in New York City: October, 2013.

Chaired a seminar on "Interrogation Psychologists: New Practice or Malpractice?" at the Center on Terrorism, John Jay College, CUNY: March 9, 2012.

Presented a talk on research ethics in times of torture, Amnesty Interational's Torture Awareness Campaign, John Jay College of Criminal Justice: November 2, 2010.