P&B Information

All documents and guidelines pertaining to Personnel and Budget.

Academic Appeals Procedure

Full-time Members of the Instructional Staff (Excluding members of the Higher Education Officer Series)

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P&B online actions grid

P&B Actions for online submission (by type of action)

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Personnel & Budget Calendar

Tenure, Promotion and Certificate of Continuous Employment decisions are made on the basis of the candidate’s record of performance in teaching, scholarship (for those in the professorial series) and service.

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Guidelines on Reappointment, Tenure, and Promotion

These Guidelines are intended to maintain a unique and valuable instrument—the Portfolio—for annual reappointment, for tenure, and for promotion, while streamlining its use in light of two emerging realities: the adoption of the seven-year tenure clock and the hiring of a large cohort of tenure track faculty, that will create workload and efficiency pressures at both the department and college levels.

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Reappointment, Tenure, CCE, and Promotion

Directions for Faculty and CLTs to update their CVs; and, apply for 2nd - 6th reappointments, tenure, CCE, promotion and/or scholarly leave.

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Portfolio Guidelines

Guidelines for Contents of Departmental Personnel Files and Professional Portfolios at York College

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