Learning Activities (beta)


Creating a Blog Assignment (1m50s)

Making the Blog accessible (1m31s)

Listen to the tutorial up to 0:39

Viewing and grading a Blog assignment (51s)


Creating a Journal (1m36s)

Making the Journal accessible (41s)

Listen to the tutorial up to 0:32

Viewing and grading a Journal assignment (41s)

Discussion Board

Creating a Discussion Forum (2m28s)

Making the Discussion Forum accessible (52s)

Viewing and grading a Discussion Forum (44s)


Creating or importing a Test or Quiz (49s)

Making a Test or Quiz available (2m12s)

Viewing and grading a Test or Quiz (59s)

Paper Assignments

Creating a Paper assignment (2m42s)

Viewing and grading a Paper assignment (1m50s)

Alt(ernative)-Paper Assignments

Creating an ALT-Paper assignment  (1m40s)

Viewing and grading ALT-Paper Assignment (46s)

Video Assignments

Creating a Video assignment (3m14s)

Listen to the tutorial up to 3:08. We will post how to view and grade Video assignments soon.