Exploring your course page, organizing your Bb teaching drive and uploading and posting your syllabus (and other course materials) (4m7s)

Your Course Page (Part1-Step2) audio

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Blackboard Workflow Part1-Step2
Exploring/Organizing your course page, organizing your Blackboard teaching drive and uploading and posting your syllabus (and other course materials)

Exploring your course page

  • Now that you are familiar with the Home Page, let’s explore the course page. Hone in on the course module. Click on a course in which you are the instructor. Note that your course may be marked as “(not currently available)”. You’ll learn later how to make it available, but first, let’s set up the course.

  • The opening page of your course is basically divided in three big blocks. The biggest block is your workspace. Note that you can make it bigger by hiding the long, 2-section, navigation block on the left. Hover your cursor over the right margin of this block then click on the sliding arrow that appears towards the top. Now make the block reappear by hovering in the very left margin of your screen until the arrow reappears.

  • Let’s take a look at the long navigation block on the left of the workspace: it is a long list of links to all the spaces in your course. These links are organized in two sections: the top one is the course menu with links to all the spaces that are accessible to your students, the bottom one, the course management section, contains all the links to the spaces that are available only to you, the instructor. Think of it this way: you, the instructor, manage the course like a chef in the kitchen. Once things are ready, the feast can start and you can invite your guests to the dining section on the top. 

  • To understand this better, hover your cursor over the bended double arrows icon in the top right area of the page: it looks like an eye. Give Blackboard 3 seconds to show the function of this button, then Click on it. The page that may take for ever to load renders the students’ view of your course: and yes, you can see for yourself that your kitchen is off limits to them! Click on the exit preview in the top right corner, then on continue in the pop up. to go back to your instructor’s view of the course. Let’s get to work!

Organizing your Blackboard teaching drive

  • One of the first things you will want to do in your kitchen is to bring in your ingredients and recipes. Click on Content Collection. We strongly recommend that you choose the location that starts with the 20 digits: it offers 1G to store materials related not just to one course but to all of your courses in Blackboard. It also stores these materials there for as long as you have a course in Blackboard.

  • At the very least then the course content space offers a safe back up for your files!  But you can of course also use it as your dedicated teaching drive. Note that you can organize it with folders just as you would all your teaching materials on your computer.  

  • You may want to organize your drive before uploading materials. Pause the tutorial and do so now if you please.

Uploading your syllabus (and other course materials)

  • Once you’re done organizing your content collection space you can start uploading your course materials. Remember: this space if off limits to students and you can store all your course materials here, with one caveat: do not use this to store videos!  For now, let’s upload the course document that all students expect to see on the first day of class, your syllabus. Use the Upload button in the action bar to proceed. When finished, close the content collection tab in the course management menu.

    Posting your syllabus (and other course materials)
  • Note: Uploading is not posting! You uploaded your syllabus to your “kitchen”, to post it, you’ll need to move to the dining area. 

  • Take a look at the course menu section above the course management block. Course Information is the best place to post your syllabus in this course menu. Click on the link to open this space, then, in the action bar, on build content. Choose create file and browse content collection to find your syllabus you just uploaded there. Set your options and click submit. 

  • Congratulations, you now know how to upload your syllabus and indeed all course materials (but not video) to your Blackboard teaching drive and to move them from there to the “dining room”!  Time to take a little break!