Playing around with Bb's navigation tools and personalizing your home page (2m24s)

Bb's Home Page (Part1-Step1) audio

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Blackboard Workflow Part1-Step1
Playing around with Blackboard's navigation tools and personalizing your home page

  • The Home Page is the first page you will see when logging into Blackboard. Let’s navigate this page. First, at the very top of the page is the CUNY Blackboard banner with several menu items starting with home, Help… Below that banner is the action bar. You’ll find an action bar on almost every page in Blackboard. As its name suggests, it lists the actions you can perform on that page. The blocks you see under the action bar on the home page are what Blackboard calls modules. 

  • In the action bar, first go to the very right and rest your cursor on the double arrows icon until it turns into a hand and a short definition pops up. Voilà, you have just discovered how the modules can be re-ordered. Next, click on the Personalize Page button and have some fun with colors. We recommend you leave for the end exploring which modules you can add. First, let’s see what more you can do with the modules at hand.

  • Do you see the little gray triangles on the left of the header/action bar on top of some modules?  Before clicking on one of them, wait until the cursor turns into a hand and you see a definition pop up. Aha, now you know! Collapse or expand!

  • What else is there to discover, euh… shall we say “uncover”? Who thought that Blackboard could not be wicked? Hover over the right corner of the header bars in your modules and see for yourself what hidden action buttons you can make visible. Use the tested wait-and-see cursor-to-hand trick and it should take you no more than 10 seconds to figure out how modules can be collapsed, and how you can manage their settings. Click on pause and take a moment to play around if you will.

  • Lastly, let’s go back to the action bar and explore the Add Module possibilities. On the page that opens when you click on Add Module, first, notice the question mark button in the top right corner. Click on it and see the header expand with help and explanations.

  • Now, take your time to add or remove modules as you please. When finished, scroll to the bottom and click on OK to get back to the home page.