Blackboard for Faculty

Blackboard (Bb)!  

It’s a hell of a learning management system (LMS), and feelings about it range from intense hatred to, if not exactly love, some form of acceptance. Bb is alternately a beast to be domesticated, or one that takes you on a wild ride; a tropical forest in which to get lost, or a forest in which to find one’s way…

Our Recommended Bb Workflow

The IDEA is hardly to explain Bb and its manifold features.  Instead, we created a workflow for actually setting up a course in Bb.  On the way, you'll pick up enough practice in navigating Bb to be able to further explore the forest or domesticate the beast on your own.  

The FORMAT is that of audio files. Our team refers to it as the no-frills "GPS" format: you fire up Bb—as you would start your car, click the play button on the audio file and let the tutorial give you instructions to set up your course.  Beeps indicate when it is a good time to pause the audio to follow up on the instructions.  For those who do not like to listen: please find the transcripts of the tutorials posted underneath the tutorial.  

Regarding TIME COMMITMENT. It may take days or hours to learn about Bb, but only minutes to set up your course, provided that you have your syllabus at hand. Note that times indicated for the audio files refer to the recording and do not represent the minutes and seconds it may take you to actually set up your course as you may pause, rewind or (fast) forward.  

SPACING: Not all parts of your course need to be set up at once.  Some need to be set up before the semester starts, others can wait until the need for them arises during the semester, yet others only need your attention towards the (happy) end of the semester.  

Thank you!

Voice: Heather Robinson, Associate Professor of English
Recording and sound-engineering: Leonard W. Collier